Technologies for Health Care

Innovation Streams is working with Kisiizi Hospital, a hospital in Western Uganda led by Dr.Ian Spillman on Stre@mline;a computer software programme based on work that Ian had developed in Macclesfield.

Innovation Streams had initially been working on EasyHospitalCare; a hospital management system but decided to collaborate with Kisiizi Hospital to improve the system with input from Dr. Ian.(January 2014)

Stre@mline is an integrated programme that follows the patient journey and incorporates important patient safety principles. The management of Kisiizi has now given approval for Stre@mline to be piloted in out-patients and if this goes well, it will be extended systematically to the wards.(December 2014)

If we achieve good functionality, we will install it in a sister hospital in Kabale and if both units have a successful outcome, then we will aim to write it up and make it more widely available at a low price appropriate for places like Kisiizi.  If it works out well, it could be used “to the ends of the earth”.

The programme will provide much more accurate data as all the information is stored in an underlying SQL database.  The programme uses a browser front-end interface so it’s easy to learn how to use the system.

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