Mobile websites

As the number of smartphone users continue to increase, every business needs a mobile website.
The reason is simple:”Your customers are mobile”. Why not reach them on their mobile phones?
Every business needs a mobile website that has:
Professional mobile-ready website design:Your business needs a mobile website that clearly explains what you do in the simplest possible way.We have expertise to make your mobile website not only attractive to the customers but also productive to your business.
Pages optimized for viewing across thousands of different mobile devices: Mobile devices come in various screen sizes and take up various orientations. We will design for you a mobile website that will run on all device sizes and orientations.The mobile website will also be able to run on all phone platforms like: Android,IOS, Windows 7 mobile,Bada and many others.
Self-service tool for instant updates anytime: Our phenomen at Innovation Streams is that we build dynamic websites only.You will be able to update your website from time to time with the information you want without our interuption. This will help you to keep your customers posted with real time information from your business.
Detailed analytics and reporting: We will put up various analytical platforms for you to monitor usage of your mobile website. This will be crucial for you to know how to deal with your customers and optimise your website to attract more and more customers.
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