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Hostingdoves is the number one web hosting solution for Africa run by Innovation Streams Limited (istreams). Hostingdoves’ mission is to empower every business to have reliable online presence at an affordable cost. For only $2.99 per month (approximately 10,300 UGX), you can start hosting your website with us.

Our web hosting services are reliable, affordable and convenient. You can pay for our services using mobile money and get activated instantly and have your website running in no time. Our support team is available 24×7 to assist you in any web hosting related issues.

Hostingdoves’ mission is in line with istreams‘ mission which is ” To empower businesses and the community in Africa with suitable and affordable technologies that meet, simplify and exceed their needs”. Every business deserves reliable and quality internet presence.
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Why your business needs I.T support

As your business continues to grow and evolve, it’s only natural to look for ways to save money in any way that you can. As a result, you may try to handle IT issues and all related challenges in-house using your own staff. This may work for a while, but it will soon unlock a whole new world of problems that you may not be prepared for. There are four key reasons in particular why your business needs to look into I.T support services sooner rather than later.

The Cost
One of the major challenges that you’ll face by trying to handle all IT support in-house has to do with the sheer amount of money that you’ll spend while attempting to do so. Not only do you need to constantly train people to keep them up to date on all of the latest technologies, but you’ll also be fronting the cost of things like new hardware, replacement hardware, software and more.
The good news, however, is that this is a problem that you’re creating on your own that can be eliminated just as easily. Outsourcing to IT support services will eliminate all of these costs and replace them with one monthly fee that never changes, so you always know what you’re spending.

Down time
Fixing things in-house also means down time, which will mean lost productivity and translate into lost revenue as a result. With IT support, however, you always have access to an engineer who will come to your location to handle things like mobile device support, software configuration, server maintenance and more.

When you’re in the process of trying to grow a business, efficiency is always the name of the game. IT support services not only allow you to adequately address the types of challenges that you’ll face moving forward, but they also increase business operations and efficiency.

Technology issues to not discriminate based on where you are. Whether you’re at home, in your office or even in a hotel on vacation, problems can and will arise. IT services offer remote support, allowing professionals to quickly resolve most issues in the background to get you back up and running in no-time.

Another challenge that you’ll face when handling IT support on your own has to do with time. Things can go wrong 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you need to know that you have the infrastructure in place to address problems at a moment’s notice. With IT support services that offer phone IT support, you have access to professional help at any time of day or night, all year round.

At Innovation Streams Ltd (istreams), we support computer systems of organizations, companies, industries, etc. in Uganda. This includes: computer maintenance and repair, Local area networking, printer fixes etc. We provide on-site support any time you want it. We will make sure that your organization operates smoothly without any computer interruptions.

We also help you build your computer infrastructure to fit the latest trends on the market. We will also help you procure the best computer units on the market.

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How To Tell a Good Computer

Back in 2013, I wanted to get myself a computer, all I needed was one that would help me work on my assignments but also watch movies since I had a lot of idle time on me. So I wanted any computer with a DVD writer, and as always something that looks nice though within a relatively low price, plus I did not want a second hand machine, buying it in a box made me happier. So I got myself a brand new Lenovo, 500 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, and Dual core at only 750,000 UGX. And yes, since it was my first, I took very good care of it and guarded it jealously. 2 years down the road, it’s still functional, however, if I would turn back the hands of time, I would appreciate a good second hand.

As if that’s not enough, about 4 months back, a client contacted me for a laptop. I gave him the brands we had and the price range as well. I even told him i would get the brand new one at a relatively higher price. He said he wanted a Brand new Lenovo, 1 TB HDD, 4 GB RAM, Dual core, just like I once did. I tried to direct him to our office so that he could pass by and see what we had, but he did not turn up until a few days back.                                                                                                                                                         He came to our office looking for a new screen for his laptop (his brand new Lenovo), guess what, the screen cost him another 320,000 UGX on top of whatever he paid for the high spec laptop.  For a minute, I didn’t feel like making him regret his choice but I later told him just to compare the laptops we had in the shelves and the one he had that was only 4 months old. I wonder how much he will have spent in a year-just saying.

Just around istreams (where I work) there are many shops that have brand new laptops on sale at giveaway prices. By the way, the laptops look nice and with very high specifications. My worry is the people who need laptops without the knowledge of what to look out for.

I have been selling laptops for about 8 months now and I have come to appreciate particular brands, not because am a marketer but because I have also counted the screens, keyboards, chargers, and other accessories we replace in our work shop. They are always brand new laptops but with weak screen casings, frames or poor quality if I must say.

I will now tell you what to look out for when buying a laptop in addition to the high specifications;

Laptop brand; Brands like Lenovo ThinkPad, Hp Probook, Hp Elite book, Dell Latitude, Mac have been known for durability because of their hard body plus the reputation of the companies that make them. When you touch the casing of the laptop, you can feel whether it’s plastic or not. Plastic casings are weak so you might have to replace your screen or hinges before the first ‘’birthday’’ of your computer. When the brand is right, the accessories will definitely be good and they will stand the test of time. You will probably need IT people for software issues.                                                                                                     I need to mention that these brands are expensive, especially when they are brand new (they are usually above 3million UGX), however not all hope is lost. You can still look out for a very good second hand of the same type at a reduced price.

Laptop price; I now believe that sometimes, Expensive things are the best and are worth the price attached (mark my words not always). Am not saying they should be expensive, but why would someone sell you a brand new i5, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM at 1million UGX? It means they have compromised something so that they give you something attractive that will cost you soon enough.

Where; buy a laptop from a reputable shop that has experience in working with computers and IT in general. In case of anything, you could easily run back for assistance.

I hope this will help someone buy well when they know what to look out for.

At Innovation Streams Limited (istreams) we chose to only sell durable brands and give the best to our clients.


Written by;

Muteesa Agnes Noeline

Innovation Streams Limited

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